A downloadable Online Arena

Online Turn Based Strategy Dueling Dice Arena, complete with Permadeath, Dice Customization, and Cross Platform Play. 

Countless souls enter oblivion each day, by entering your name, you have agreed to give up your soul to enter the shadow games of the demons. The vortex and Duel Master await you, with the gamble of death, in exchange for fame and glory.

Battle against players in a 1v1 duel for Fame. Rig the game by earning as much Fate as possible, before your win-streak is up, and your Fate sealed to another. Customize your dice and gain Fate to become the Duel Master's chosen on the leaderboards.

For more information visit https://dueldice.github.io or email @dueldicedemon@gmail.com

Available on Android Devices!

Install instructions

- Unzip.

- Run the Application.


DuelDice_v1.052_Data.zip 140 MB